We can say how much our clients and their residents enjoy our industry-leading, digital platform — but we’d rather let them do the heavy lifting.

Government Client Reviews

The ability for PayIt to break down stovepipes and look at, and deliver, an integrated solution that works across departments is one of the ways we’re improving the experience for our residents and delivering value to the government.

Alan Howze
Assistant County Administrator and Chief Knowledge Officer, Unified Gov’t of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas

Proud to have PayIt as our mobile application partner for the State of Kansas! The iKan mobile platform is a resounding success. PayIt has partnered with the Kansas Department of Revenue to make us the first state with a mobile app for drivers license renewal in the country. Looking forward to working with them going forward as we add to the platform.

Lee Allen
Former Chief Information Office, State of Kansas

We are excited to provide faster, more efficient services for people looking to complete DMV business online. myNCDMV allows us to meet people’s needs in a more modern and convenient way.

Torre Jessup
North Carolina DMV Commissioner

User Reviews

Quick, easy and painless. Now, those are three words not normally associated with the DMV.

myNCDMV user

Just did and it took maybe all of five minutes. Sure beats standing in line!

myNCDMV user

Honestly, I like the “tax bot” better than most of the people I have to text with!

myBeaufortCounty user

Just paid my taxes online with no problems. Easy Peasy.

myJacksonCounty user

I have been bragging about how easy and painless this was… Total time was about 30 seconds and my receipt showed up the same day my actual bill arrived–great job guys.

PayItSt.Louis user

I’ve been doing this for years. Why would you not do it? Click, click, print…

myBeaufortCounty user

Easy to pay & no postage!!”

PayItSt.Louis user

The line at the tax office on Monday was more than 15 people long. I came home and paid taxes in 4 minutes. Even get an emailed receipt!

myBeaufortCounty user

I love this app!! It’s so handy not to use snail mail which I did originally and they didn’t receive it. Having everything right at your fingertips makes it so much easier!

iKan user

I did this in the lobby of the DMV yesterday because of a two hr. wait. Easy as pie

myNCDMV user