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Our admin tools make it easy for your team to support residents, understand how revenue collection is pacing, and forecast digital transaction volume. All in a modern, easy-to-use experience.

A man and woman work back to back on computers. Around them are ProSight administrative features, including the ability to see transaction details, issue refunds, identify delinquent accounts, view cash flows, monitor transaction trends, see channel mix, and get real-time insights.

The admin tool is a fast-evolving innovation that has helped our critical business processes thrive. The analytics give us great insight into how our residents are interacting, and that’s something we have not had in the past.

Danyel McFadden
Tax Supervisor
Guilford County, North Carolina

No more hide-and-seek with transaction data and insights

Easily support residents without compliance worries

Front-line staff can view transaction details and issue refunds without having to toggle between systems. All PayIt transactions are consolidated in one place – and unlike most government ERP systems, they are easy to find and manage, without exposing payment card data. The best part? It’s a 24/7 real-time view, so you never have to wait for answers.

A view of various data points in ProSight including app downloads, accounts created, platform sign-ins and sign-ups, and revenue collected.
ProSight shows whether a transaction is successful, pending, unsuccessful, or refunded.

Meet your accounting system’s
genius sidekick

Find and analyze a transaction’s lifecycle in its entirety. See how much revenue is pending, how many payments failed, and total amounts refunded. Retrieve disbursement reports to ensure funds are settled to the right account.

Stop wrestling with your system of record to get insights

Your systems hold a lot of data, but it can be a headache to get useful insights out of it. Our admin experience shows you exactly what’s happening, from transaction counts, to new digital users, to the channel mix across online, mail, IVR, and in-person transactions. Use it to forecast – and even drive – digital adoption.

Data that can be viewed in ProSight includes sign-in/sign-up trends, use channels, growth, and total accounts.

I love the ease of global search. It’s so easy to find what I’m looking for!

Courtney Sanchez
Revenue Technician III
Orange County, North Carolina

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