Canadian Merchant Support

In August 2010, the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada (Code of Conduct) was adopted by all payment card networks. The Code of Conduct sets out requirements to promote fair business practices and to ensure that merchants understand the costs and benefits associated with credit and debit cards.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is an independent government agency that supervises payment card network operators (and associated service providers) to monitor their compliance with the Code of Conduct. While the FCAC monitors compliance, it does not resolve individual complaints.

Please visit the FCACs website at for more information on your merchant rights under the Code of Conduct.

PayIt’s Process for Resolving Concerns

PayIt has an established process for managing potential Code of Conduct compliance violations. If you have a concern about a particular element of the Code of Conduct, please email PayIt at [email protected] with details of your concern. Please include the following information:

  • Point of Contact Name
  • Point of Contact Email Address
  • Point of Contact Phone
  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Address
  • Merchant ID Number
  • Relevant Code of Conduct Element
  • Description of Concern

We will acknowledge receipt of your concern within 5 business days, investigate your concern, and will work with you to determine a resolution within 45 days. If we cannot provide a response within 45 days you will be informed of the delay, reason for the delay, and the expected response time.

  • A summary of the concern;
  • The final result of the investigation;
  • Explanation of the final decision; and
  • Information on how to further escalate your concern if you are not satisfied with the outcome

Escalation of Your Concern

If you believe that PayIt’s resolution of your concern is either inconsistent with the Code of Conduct or you feel that your concern has not been adequately addressed, you may escalate your concern to our processing partners or the payment card network(s). You may also contact the FCAC. Details for escalation to these entities are included below:

For information on the dispute resolution processes of our processing partners:

For information on the dispute resolution processes of the payment card network(s):

To contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada:

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
6th Floor, Enterprise Building
427 Laurier Ave. West
Ottawa, ON
K1R 1B9
Call Toll-free (English): 866-461-3222
Call Toll-free (French): 866-461-2232
Email: [email protected]
Visit FCAC Website: