Hassle-free integrations — in about 90 days

PayIt’s platform integrates with your existing systems of record, bridging silos so you can modernize the resident experience and have a single view of payment activity.

Throughout the process, our implementation team works side-by-side with your staff to make sure integrations are seamless. And there are no implementation fees or hidden costs.

Legacy systems of record? No problem.

We’ve helped agencies across North America modernize. It doesn’t matter if your agency is using a home-grown or third-party system of record — anywhere your agency has data, we can ingest it. After all, you own the data in your systems, not the vendor who provides them.

Even if your systems were installed during the dial-up era, we can connect.

Any vendor. Any system. Really.

Configured around you

We can quickly configure PayIt for your agency. When we get started, we’ll talk with you about the business rules, policies, processes and systems you have in place, and implement PayIt around them. 

But this isn’t custom software that takes years to stand up – our workflow builder gets you up and running fast. Like 90 days fast.

And when your requirements or policies change (as they often do in government), it’s easy to make those changes in PayIt

Security and compliance built in

Adding a security layer onto a government software implementation can be a big headache and take forever. But because PayIt already meets stringent security and compliance standards, you don’t have to worry about bringing your own security protections to the table when we implement PayIt. 

Security and compliance are a core part of our platform, and we have yet to meet a government agency whose requirements we don’t meet
or exceed.

Let’s make an integration plan

Our experts can walk you through how PayIt can help you migrate databases, integrate data, and use information more efficiently — and keep receiving support and value after the integration is done.