Government integration solutions

  • PayIt provides expert government data integration guidance
  • Transform your data setup from silos to a single, secure view
  • Leverage your data to lower staffing costs and improve constituent experience

An experienced government data integration provider.

Legacy data integration process expertise

We’ve helped state and local agencies modernize and provide efficient online services for their constituents. From property taxes and public safety in Kansas City, Kansas to courts and citations in Palm Beach, Florida to utility services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, PayIt knows how to tailor integrated data and payment solutions to meet individual agency needs.

Customized planning, configuration and execution

PayIt seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, within 90 days. Using REST APIs, SOAP APIs or flat-file exchanges, we build solutions based on your agency’s data, specifications, business rules, branding and goals. All of this is done in close collaboration with your in-house experts.

AWS GovCloud security and compliance

PayIt is built in the AWS GovCloud to meet federal data protection rules and is a PCI Level 1 certified merchant which reduces your payment fraud risk. Learn more about how PayIt protects your data.

A single view of all your data sources.

Get valuable data out of silos and into the cloud

Too often, citizen data is stored in separate systems across multiple agencies. That redundancy raises data management costs and makes it difficult for residents to take care of government business quickly.

Reduce staff time spent locating or re-entering data

When resident data is siloed, staffers can spend too much time simply looking for records — or entering data that already exists somewhere else in your systems. Integrating your back-office systems and data warehouse eliminates redundant record creation.

Offer citizens self-service across departments

By integrating secure payment processing into your new data setup, you can offer residents one-stop convenience when they need to pay utility bills, order toll tags, renew business permits, buy fishing licenses and more. All of this can be done from their computer or phone — no staff time needed to process the transactions.

PayIt can be integrated into home-grown and third-party vendor systems of record

More value from your business intelligence.

One stop for citizens to handle government business

Deliver an easy way for residents to access their accounts and take care of business online, any time. Free your staffers to focus on high-value tasks and projects by streamlining data access for better efficiency.

Omni-channel payment options for your constituents

PayIt’s secure web forms, mobile apps and interactive voice response systems give your citizens a choice of how and when to pay for their government services. We even make in-person transactions easier with a digital point-of-sale terminal that takes card, ACH and digital wallet payments.

More opportunities for innovation

Data integration and innovation go hand in hand. With PayIt, your employees have more time to solve problems and develop new ideas — and PayIt is always innovating, too. After your integration, your agency will benefit from our continuous research and development, new features and services and constant updates and security upgrades — all at no cost to you.

We’re ready to make data integration work for you.

Request a call from one our digital government experts and we’ll walk you through how PayIt can help you migrate your databases, integrate your data and use your information more efficiently — and keep receiving support and added value after the integration is done.