When you’re providing essential services, timely payments are essential.

Get more utility customers to pay online and on-time with PayIt. So you can reduce delinquency and collect revenue faster.

More online payments. More on-time payments.

Get residents to make digital self-service their first choice for every transaction with:

An intuitive experience that makes it easy for residents to pay online.

And our Adoption Marketing team, which helps drive community-wide adoption, year after year.

The results? Faster revenue collection. Fewer delinquent accounts to chase down.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, used PayIt to…

Increase online utility collection by

Decreased manual utility transactions by


average online adoption

Give residents everything they need to make on-time payments the norm

Unlike typical payment solutions, PayIt lets you offer residents a variety of features to help them pay on time:

eBilling: Receive and pay bills on any device

AutoPay: Set and forget payments

Partial Pay: Pay what they can, when they can

Usage Tracking: View their monthly water usage

Easier refunds.
Better reports.
Faster reconciliation

Boost your team’s efficiency with features that cut down on manual work:

Refunds: Issue refunds in just a few clicks

Reporting: View transactions in real time & generate reports on demand

Reconciliation: Get all transactions in one report, regardless of payment channel.

Because you need support from a team that knows your systems inside and out

You have complex and nuanced back-end systems. When you need help, you need someone who understands how everything works – not a call center agent you’ve never met.

With PayIt, you can get a partner who understands the ins and outs of your solution. So you can get the help you need, the moment you need it.

Here are 3 more reasons utilities are switching to PayIt

Take risk out of the equation

Start accepting payments without any upfront investment or change order fees. Enjoy regular, no-cost updates with new features.

We help with user adoption

Unlike other solutions, PayIt helps you plan and execute a strategy to ensure residents make ‘digital’ their first choice for payments.

Configured to your business rules

Your technology should adapt to you – not the other way around. PayIt works closely with your team to configure the platform to your exact business rules.

PayIt is a configurable product that allows us to offer the services we want and need to our residents. The team at PayIt is top notch and they provide quality assistance. I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a product like this.

Rachel Bock
Assistant Collector
City of St. Louis, Missouri

Integrations: Done. For. You.

PayIt integrates with your back-end systems, no matter how old they are.

Thomson Reuters
Fast Enterprises
Grant Street Group

Find out how PayIt can help you collect more revenue on time.