Modern Payments for Government

Your next payments provider is so much more than a payments processor

Meet the only government payments platform designed to drive digital adoption.

A PayIt user interface rendered for desktop and mobile devices.

Want residents to go digital? Online payments aren’t enough.

Any provider can give you a payment form to slap on your website. But they won’t do anything to get residents to actually use it.

PayIt partners with you to drive true adoption by combining payments with an intuitive user experience and Adoption Marketing to spread the word throughout your community.

Since switching to PayIt, the number of early payments has increased 100x.

Whitney Miller
Chief Deputy County Counselor
Jackson County, Missouri

Only with PayIt:


Help residents pay on time
Offer eBilling, Autopay, Partial Pay, push notifications, and more.


PayIt is your vendor partner
Work with a team of government experts dedicated to your success.

Adoption Marketing
Our team helps spread the word throughout your community, year after year.

Intuitive design
PayIt uses human-centered design to make paying easy for every resident.


Government-friendly pricing model
Pay nothing until you’re getting value — no hidden costs.

Launch in as little as 90 days
Including integrations and resident rollout, with the heavy lifting done for you.

Designed with the end-user in mind
Gives residents a smooth experience for transactions and neatly stores all their documents & payments in one account.

No costs or effort to maintain
Our SaaS model means there’s nothing to maintain or host. New features and security updates are rolled out regularly with no effort on your end.

True partners
Our pricing model means we only make money when you succeed, so we’re incentivized to ensure you and your community love PayIt. All support is in-house and eager to help.

Typical government project

Large upfront investment, hidden costs, and implementation fees.

Slow and complex
Takes 12-24 months just to get set up and requires your team to dedicate lots of time to project oversight.

Low value to residents
Digital projects end up with clunky and confusing navigation with little thought given to the end-user’s experience.

Expensive and hard to maintain
Change orders take weeks or months to get through your vendor’s development queue.

Vendors, not partners
Expect slow support that might be farmed out to an offshore team, since vendors have little incentive to ensure your success or resident adoption.

Collect more revenue, faster, with advanced payment features


Eliminate the hassle of paper bills by letting residents opt into eBilling.


Collect more revenue on time by letting residents set and forget payments.

Payment plans

Let residents pay over time to avoid delinquency.

PCI Level 1 Certification

Shift the costs and burdens of PCI compliance to PayIt.

Chargeback & dispute resolution

Let PayIt handle chargebacks and disputes for you.

Fraud detection

Ensure your funds are safe at all times.

I can’t think of anybody that hasn’t said ‘I have ownership in this.’ We’ve called PayIt at 9 pm at night, and someone has been there.

Lance McAvoy
Director of Utilities
City of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Every service. One account.

Your residents are juggling several different accounts for each government service. There’s one way to pay property tax, another to renew their vehicles – the list goes on.

With PayIt, your residents get one single account where they can handle all their local government business.

Payments, your way.

Configure PayIt to follow your business rules. So you get the flexibility you need, without the hassle of cobbling together multiple vendors.

The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, switched to PayIt and…

Increase revenue collected from electronic payments by

Decreased mail-in checks by


manual transactions

PCI compliance? Shift the burden to us.

Staying PCI compliant is expensive. It requires regular assessments, staff training, potential system upgrades, and, oftentimes, costly third-party services. Not to mention possible fines.

Get the onus of PCI compliance off your shoulders with PayIt. As a PCI-DSS Level 1 service provider, we take on all of these risks and responsibilities for you.

Get the liability of being a PayFac off your shoulders.

Being your own Payment Facilitator brings significant liability. Every transaction you handle carries the weight of your residents’ trust.

As your PayFac, PayIt takes all that responsibility off your shoulders, freeing you from the costs and concerns of being your own facilitator.

Government-grade security built-in.

PayIt meets all government security requirements – and often exceeds them:

PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider

Hosted on AWS GovCloud or AWS Canada Cloud

Region Cloud SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Infosec program based on NIST-800 series standards

ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27801 certified

The North Carolina DMV switched to PayIt and…

Decreased office wait times by

Increased online revenue collection by

in just one year


in online revenue

Receive revenue on your schedule. Even daily.

You shouldn’t have to wait days to access the money you’ve collected.

With PayIt, you can customize your disbursement schedule to receive funds every day, week, or month. So you can keep your cash flow flowing.

Accurate reports, on demand.

Get detailed reports with real-time transaction history, payment trends, and more. View all resident transactions in one place, whether they pay by web, mobile app, IVR, POS, or cash.

With all this data in one place, you can streamline your reconciliation workflow by eliminating the need to pull information from different systems.

A list of PayIt Admin tool features, including refunds, delinquencies, payment status, transaction details, cash flows, channel mix, and reports and insights.

Resolve refunds and chargebacks, the easy way.

Let your staff issue refunds in just a few clicks. With a real-time view of transactions, your staff can see who paid, how much, and all the details they need to deliver excellent service. No more sifting through mountains of paperwork.

As for chargebacks? PayIt handles them for you, so your staff can stay focused on more important work.

Because you need support from a dedicated team. Not a 1-800 number.

Payment processors are notorious for subpar service. With PayIt, you get a team of experts dedicated to your success:

Client Success Manager

Your go-to strategic partner

Account Manager

Your go-to for day-to-day support

Implementations Team

The team that sets you up for success

Technical Manager

In charge of keeping your integrations healthy

Adoption Marketing Team

Helps increase resident adoption and usage

Customer Care

Your residents’ go-to for technical support

Find out if PayIt is right for you

Start accepting payments with PayIt in as little as 90 days.