Discover how PayIt helps you simplify the way you serve your community

Property tax

Simplify tax season for everyone

Collect more revenue. Collect it faster.

Make it easy for residents to pay property taxes anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

With eBilling, payment reminders, and AutoPay, PayIt gives your residents everything they need to pay their property taxes on time, every time.

Fewer checks to process.
Fewer calls to handle.

Make tax season a little less taxing. By getting more residents to pay taxes online, you dramatically reduce the number of checks, phone calls, and in-person visits you need to handle.

So your staff can spend less time handling transactions, and more time on higher-value work.

Now your residents can…

Securely view tax and transaction documents

Do business with your agency without stamps, envelopes, or office visits

Pay and manage real estate and property taxes in one place

Get payment reminders and set up AutoPay to avoid late fees

And much more

The city of Grand Rapids switched to PayIt and…

Increased revenue collected from electronic payments by

Decreased mailed-in
checks by


manual transactions
Motor Vehicles

Automate up to 39% of transactions
by this time next year

Put the brakes on foot traffic, phone calls, and paperwork

Build the ideal customer experience for any type of digital transaction, from renewing a license to ordering a vanity plate.

By making it easy for residents to interact with your agency online, you can reduce the number of walk-ins, phone calls, and paper checks your staff has to handle.

Put your residents in the driver’s seat

The PayIt platform includes a central hub for residents that stores their documents, vehicle information, transaction history, payment methods, and more.

With everything in one place, residents can always find what they need, when they need it. So they don’t have to call to ask about their VIN or the expiration date on their vehicle registration.

Now your residents can…

Pay online for registrations, renewals, titling, and more

Request custom and special interest plates

Get payment reminders and notifications for renewals

Access official documents from any device

And much more

The North Carolina DMV switched to PayIt and…


in online revenue

Increased online revenue collected by

in one year

Decreased office wait times by


Achieve your conservation mission by engaging outdoors enthusiasts

Manage all things conservation in a single place

Bring everything together in one platform: your customer database, licensing and permitting, events management, mobile experiences, engagement tools, and payments.

Connect with customers to increase R3

Reach and engage outdoor enthusiasts with easy-to-use digital marketing tools. Use digital advertising, direct messages, push notifications, and more to engage and activate hunters, anglers, hikers, and campers – and keep them coming back year after year.

Now your residents can…

Easily access and enjoy the outdoors

Securely purchase hunting, fishing, and other licenses and permits

Register off-highway recreational vehicles and watercraft

Sign up for trainings, events, and volunteer opportunities

Store digital documents and receipts

And much more

Courts, tickets & fines

Make it easy for residents to pay fines online

Reduce foot traffic and phone calls

Let residents pay fines, submit pleas, and check the status of their cases, anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Since it’s so much easier for residents to complete these tasks online, they’ll have little reason to call or walk in, freeing your staff to focus on higher-value work.

Configure PayIt for 100s of different scenarios

You may need to collect a lot of specific information for many different situations.

PayIt is highly configurable, so you can use it for virtually any type of interaction, from collecting fines to receiving pleas — no matter how complex your business rules are.

Plus, PayIt integrates with your court management system to keep your data in sync.

Now your residents can…

Find and manage case and citation status

Pay fines and fees online

Submit pleas

Get email notifications

View paid fines, receipts, and documents

And much more

PayIt expands the options we can offer to our customers, whether they come into the courthouse or take advantage of our expansive online services. PayIt helps us improve efficiencies and frees our Clerk team to refocus their time and efforts on other areas of our business.

Joseph Abruzzo
Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller
Palm Beach County, Florida

More on-time payments. Less paperwork.

Make revenue flow in faster

Help residents pay on time with advanced payment features other solutions don’t have. With eBilling and AutoPay, residents can set and forget payments — so they pay on time, every time.

Fewer bills to mail. Fewer checks to process.

By making it easy to manage utilities and pay bills online, PayIt helps you dramatically reduce paperwork, check processing, and postage, freeing your staff to focus on what matters most to your community.

Now your residents can…

View and pay bills online

Manage multiple utilities in one place

Link accounts to streamline bill payment

View monthly usage

Get eBills and enroll in AutoPay

And much more

PayIt is a configurable product that allows us to offer the services we want and need to our residents. The team at PayIt is top notch and they provide quality assistance. I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a product like this.

Rachel Bock
Assistant Collector
City of St. Louis, Missouri

Collect revenue faster by making payments more convenient

Pave a smooth road for toll payments

Drivers are less likely to procrastinate paying when it’s easy to do so. Use PayIt to give drivers a range of payment options, including quick and easy online transactions. So you can collect revenue in the fast lane.

Your way (or the highway)

You have unique business rules for every workflow, from toll payments to tag renewals. PayIt is highly configurable, so it works exactly the way you need it to. With PayIt, you can simplify almost any type of transaction between your agency and drivers.

Less mail. Less paperwork. Less hassle.

How much time does your agency spend processing mail? With PayIt, you can dramatically cut the amount of mail your agency receives by offering drivers simple digital payments that don’t require any manual processing.

Now drivers can…

Pay tolls online

Store payment methods and set up AutoPay

Link multiple accounts for one-stop household management 

View receipts and toll transaction history

Order, renew, and manage electronic toll tags

And much more