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Streamlining the citizen experience

In 2016, the State of Kansas embarked on the monumental task of combining multiple levels of government agencies into one, end-to-end experience for their constituents. For many residents, there was no clear distinction as to what is considered a city, county, or state-level service. Kansas wanted to provide a government-level-agnostic and agency-agnostic solutions for Kansans looking to interact with the state.

Achieving this proved challenging, as this vision would require multiple systems and tens of millions in budget. This led to Kansas abandoning this as a home-grown project. In 2018, new (now former) state CIO Lee Allen continued this vision of a digital Kansas government by partnering with GovTech leader PayIt. iKan provides Kansas with a native GovCloud application, cross-agency integration and the ability for any level of government to live within the web or mobile app solution.

Launched in early 2018, iKan allows residents to renew their driver’s licenses, renew vehicle registrations, order birth, death, and marriage certificates and purchase yearly park passes. All of this can be done by the citizen’s preferred device – with a web experience, mobile-web experience, and native Apple and Android applications available.

What sets iKan apart from other digital government services is that it’s not just a payment platform. iKan provides a full, end-to-end experience for every user. Residents are able to create a single, secure wallet that combines and stores all of their payment, profile, and transaction information in one place. From there, users can set up alerts and keep track of upcoming renewal dates. iKan also allows Kansans to hold valid, digital versions of vehicle registrations that can be accessed right from their phones.

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Driving rapid, cross-agency digital change

With the way people access information and conduct business ever-changing, Kansas was looking to move away from the traditional government model to a more modern approach by leveraging technology and the GovCloud.

In just one year, iKan launched services from two different government agencies. Kansans could now renew their driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations through the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) and order vital record copies from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Users were able to store and manage their receipts and documents for both agencies in one digital wallet. Kansas has truly created an always-on, citizen-centric digital government.

Offering both state and local services on iKan has resulted in consistent user adoption and revenue collection growth every year. Each service we add enriches users’ experience while expanding our reach to new users. We couldn’t do this without PayIt’s partnership and deep commitment to our residents.

David Harper
Director, KS Division of Property
Valuation and KS Division of Vehicles

Thriving in the new, contactless world

As a leader in the government space, Kansas is letting constituent safety and well-being drive the decisions they make around government operations. Now, more than ever, modern government technology is critical and has opened new ways for Kansas to interact with their constituents. iKan allows city, county and state agencies across Kansas to significantly reduce the need for in-office visits, rely less on manual processes and safely serve citizens.

iKan not only allows Kansas to push the envelope in terms of functionality for citizens, but allows the state to be responsive to the ever-changing landscape of today’s society. This means meeting constituents where they are and providing a full, end-to-end experience for every user. With more county, city and state-level services launching within iKan, the impact is truly limitless — a singular and all inclusive digital government.