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myNCDMV: Reimagining digital experiences

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The beginning of a digital transformation

In 2014, the State of North Carolina and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) set out on the unenviable task of modernizing the DMV experience. Prior to partnering with PayIt, NCDOT’s first step was launching their own online payment page for citizens looking to renew their vehicle registrations.

Secretary Eric Boyette, then NCDOT CIO, envisioned something even larger that would include city-, county- and state-level services. Boyette was hoping for not just a government-leading user experience, but an experience that would rival any top-tier B2C company. This meant implementing a highly adaptable, flexible solution that could be integrated into existing systems of record, provide improved security and share data across agencies.

Secretary Boyette’s vision presented another challenge. The solution had to be scalable across several government agencies and include any government use case, without a large customization effort. Traditionally, this vision would take multiple, custom-coded solutions that cost tens of millions of dollars, something the NCDOT was looking to avoid.

This led NCDOT to partner with GovTech leader PayIt on an innovative, digital reimagining of the DMV experience. myNCDMV launched in November of 2018 and is transforming how North Carolinians interact with their government.

myNCDMV allows residents to renew their driver licenses and vehicle registrations, pay vehicle property taxes, order specialty license plates, order duplicate licenses/ID cards, register to vote and has more services on the horizon. All of this can be done by the citizen’s preferred device—with a web experience, mobile-web experience and native Apple and Android apps available.

myNCDMV results…

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More than just a payment platform

What sets myNCDMV apart from other digital government offerings is that it’s not just a payment platform. myNCDMV provides a full, end-to-end experience for every user. Residents are able to create a single, secure wallet that combines and stores all of their payment, profile and transaction information in one place. From there, users can set up alerts and keep track of upcoming renewal dates. myNCDMV also allows North Carolinians to hold valid, digital versions of vehicle registrations that can be accessed right from their phones.

PayIt’s nimble and flexible technology allows NCDOT to be responsive to the ever-changing landscape of today’s society. The NCDOT leveraged myNCDMV as an important form of constituent communication during the onset of COVID-19.

Each month, registration renewal emails are sent to myNCDMV users with eligible vehicles. With offices closed, registrations due and in-person inspections required, myNCDMV was able to transparently communicate with almost 500,000 citizens on how to safely go about this. The ability to use technology to reach their citizens proved critical in these early months of the pandemic.

Providing the people of North Carolina with a citizen-centric user experience has made myNCDMV incredibly successful. North Carolina is letting constituent safety and well-being drive the decisions they make around government operations and service delivery. This approach is leading to increased revenue collection and improved public perception.

Partnering with PayIt to deliver the residents of North Carolina a citizen-centric experience has made myNCDMV incredibly successful.

Wayne Goodwin
North Carolina DMV Commissioner

Improving today and looking towards the future

Now, more than ever, modern government technology is critical and has opened new ways for North Carolina to interact with their constituents. myNCDMV allows the NCDOT to significantly reduce the need for in-office visits, rely less on manual processes and safely serve the people of North Carolina.

A compelling instance of this comes in the form of collecting vehicle property tax. The NCDOT is responsible for collecting this important source of revenue and disbursing it to North Carolina’s 100 counties. With myNCDMV, this revenue can now be collected digitally and sent to the counties on the same day. What was once a laborious and multi-day process has now been automated. myNCDMV is also able to scale this to any state service and meet the ever-changing nuances of government.

In April 2020, myNCDMV expanded to allow residents to register to vote or update existing voter registration information online. With even more expansion on the horizon, the impact of myNCDMV is limitless—a singular and all inclusive digital government.