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The Total Economic Impact™ of PayIt's Digital Government Services

Forrester has conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) of deploying PayIt's digital government services and payments platform. Armed with this study, state and local governments can identify the cost, benefit, flexibility and risk factors affecting their decisions to invest in PayIt as their government platform partner.

Forrester interviewed four local and state government agencies with experience using the PayIt platform. Using PayIt’s technology enabled these agencies to automate their workflows—creating web, mobile and native app solutions for constituents to interact with. This allowed them to collect and disburse vital sources of revenue faster, save on IT resources and drastically reduce manual processes.

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The TEI Study


For an in depth analysis of the cost savings and business benefits enabled by PayIt’s government technology and payment services, download Forrester’s TEI report.Reading this document will enhance your decision-making and illuminate why PayIt is among the top government software providers.

Navigate the unique needs of software for the public sector

Read the Forrester TEI study to understand the challenges that local and state governments faced before partnering with PayIt in their digital transformation efforts. Here are
just a few examples:

  • Lower citizen adoption of legacy services and payment solutions
  • Need to increase customer compliance
  • Legacy payment platforms were a burden for internal IT teams to manage
  • Documents and payments had to be processed manually
  • Low employee morale due to tedious, manual tasks

Key takeaways from the Forrester TEI study

Forrester Consulting interviewed four government agencies deploying PayIt and combined the
results into a single composite organization.

This is what Forrester found out:

  • Transaction services offered by agencies improved after deploying PayIt, which contributed to increased employee productivity and citizen convenience
  • PayIt drove a greater adoption of digital payments, resulting in higher compliance and revenues
  • The net present value (NPV) of the investment was $789K over three years
  • The ROI of deploying PayIt GovTech was 322%

Explore the benefits of digital government

After deploying PayIt, the public sector efficiency greatly increased. The following benefits were all quantified in terms of cost savings and higher productivity:

  • IT staff no longer had to support deficient legacy solutions
  • Reduced manual effort needed for document processing and payment reconciliation
  • Reduction of walk-in customers thanks to an improved digital citizen experience
  • Reduced mail expense because citizens can go paperless and receive online notifications of bills and late notices

The Forrester TEI study offers a full breakdown of the cost savings associated with each of those benefits above. This study also lists other gains that PayIt clients experienced. Highlights include:

  • Increased customer compliance and revenues because customers can pay services online or through a mobile device, get payment reminders and even set up the autopay option
  • Increased convenience for citizens, eliminating the need to travel and wait in line for government services
  • Improved employee morale because the reduction of manual tasks results in better use of their time
  • Increased customer support because the government technology implemented by PayIt reduces the internal efforts needed at the agencies to respond to customer inquiries