PayIt Announces $90M Growth Investment

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Learn how Jackson County, Mo., is transforming service delivery for its residents. You’ll hear directly from Director of Collections Whitney Miller about how her department is using new technologies to deliver better user experiences and serve residents anytime, anywhere.
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Digital Trends in Government
Leadership Buy-in
Opportunities for Innovation
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Serving 80 million citizens in North America

PayIt centralizes and simplifies the citizen experience, helping to boost online revenue collection and accelerate disbursement. Residents can set reminders and store preferred payment methods, documents and receipts. All in one secure, digital wallet.

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I had a goal of improving the way we utilize technology—mobile options, security and searchability were the things that we thought we could improve upon. The decision to move forward with PayIt was a no-brainer at the point that we needed approval, so it really wasn’t difficult to get buy-in.

- Whitney Miller

Director of Collections

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