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Single pane of glass into every government agency

Residents store payment methods, official documents and receipts in one secure place
Single GovWallet™ used to interact with any level of government across jurisdictions
Governments deliver a better experience, improving satisfaction and revenue collection

GovWallet — a digital wallet for every need

The GovWallet is optimized for government transactions – securely storing payment methods plus official documentation such as licenses and property information, making it easy for residents to access documents required to apply for and renew services.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a secure, online account that holds a resident’s preferred payment methods.

Our all-in-one platform allows residents to use PayIt as their singular, government e-wallet app. In only a few minutes residents can pay bills, taxes, licenses and registration fees right from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Real-time transaction processing means residents don’t have to wonder if their check has cleared, and your agency can access revenue sooner.

Convenient options for residents include:

Instant payments:
Making an immediate payment with one tap or click
Setting up automatic payments from a preferred account
— great for never missing a due date
Dividing large bills into several smaller monthly automatic payments
— a helpful option when configuring budgets
Scheduling a bill payment for an upcoming due date
— perfect complement to eBilling

All digital services in one electronic wallet app

Our mobile wallet app for online payments also makes accessing services easier, by letting your residents link accounts and see them all in one place.

Residents have all the information they need at their fingertips, which means less time calling your staff or making in-person visits to handle their government business. PayIt’s online wallet gives them access to their transaction history, so they can verify which bills were paid and when.

With the PayIt platform and electronic wallet app, your residents can manage:

Real estate and personal property taxes

Vehicle registration and license renewals

Turnpike fees, tolls and toll tags

Water, trash and other municipal utilities

Business permits, professional licenses and recreational licenses

Turnpike fees, tolls and toll tags

Mobile wallets can save residents time and money

Nobody likes costly billing hassles. With PayIt serving as your citizen’s government e-wallet app, residents can avoid these hassles by paying on their mobile device or computer.

Fewer late fees and fines

With instant payments, AutoPay, ManagedPay and the option to set reminders, residents are less likely to miss payments.

No need to buy stamps and checks

Everything’s done online automatically, or with a few clicks or taps.

An alternative to big lump-sum payments 

ManagedPay lets citizens pay down large or delinquent balances over time for better budgeting.

Important documents go straight to the GovWallet™ app

All of those documents residents used to have to store in a file cabinet at home or in a safe deposit box at the bank are accessible any time in their GovWallet™ platform, including:

  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Auto registration and license tag renewals
  • Business licenses
  • Hunting and fishing licenses
  • Receipts for property tax payments, utility bills and court fees

Offer a convenient, secure online wallet app
for electronic payments in the public sector

GovWallet™ comes as a standard feature within PayIt’s government as a service platform. Request a demo to learn how we can customize our technology to meet your needs, at no cost to your state or local agency.

PayIt offers a digital government services platform that can be configured to meet your agency’s specific requirements — all at no cost to your organization. Request your demo today and see it in action.