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Digitizing City Services for Today’s Resident Expectations

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Tue, May 30, 2023 · 12:00 AM · EST

Governments and citizens share a common goal: easy and efficient self-service for government services. Embracing digital service delivery reduces costs and builds resident satisfaction and trust. However, budget shortfalls and staffing limitations can make this transition challenging. Cities must navigate technology, security, equitable access, and resident adoption of digital services.

Discover the path to digital government services success in our upcoming webinar hosted by Cities Today. Join William D. Eggers – a prominent writer, researcher, and policy analyst who authored multiple books on government efficiency and is currently serving as Executive Director of Deloitte’s Center for Digital Government – and Jack Laskowitz, VP of Client Success at PayIt as they discuss the current state of resident satisfaction with digital government services, explore new research and best practices to streamline government service delivery, improve resident experiences, and drive online adoption. Discussion topics include:

  1. Enhancing resident engagement in cities and towns
  2. Understanding resident preferences for digital access
  3. Leveraging digital engagement and payment features for higher adoption rates
  4. Serving residents with diverse needs, including the unbanked and individuals with disabilities

Join us and unlock the potential of seamless digital government services. Register now for this transformative webinar experience!

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Jack Laskowitz Payit _ Adri Guyer Photo 03

Jack Laskowitz

Vice President, Client Success, PayIt

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William D. Eggers

Executive Director, Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights

Serving 80 million residents in North America

Simplify the way residents do business with your agency. Use PayIt to create a smooth user experience for any type of digital transaction, from renewing a driver’s license to paying property tax.
While residents enjoy more convenience, agencies cut manual work and collect revenue faster.

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