Property tax season success: PayIt customers continue to decrease time to revenue and increase user satisfaction

The past few years have accelerated the shift from simply processing tax payments to creating an efficient, trustworthy digital experience for residents. And these tech-focused efforts continue to make sense for agencies to pursue as they continue to provide immense value.

Thanks to our client’s dedication to digital service modernization, this past property tax season has been a big success — in terms of revenue and resident satisfaction alike.

Adoption continues to increase

Digital agility has proven essential for government agencies: When agencies invest in GovTech, their residents are more likely to use digital services.

So what about modernization drives adoption? Here’s what we’ve noticed making the biggest impact on resident adoption and user retention:

A great user experience and useful features

In our on-demand economy, people are accustomed to the convenience of paying online, and users expect features such as a simple navigation menu and multiple payment options. But historically, the government has lagged behind.

So what happens when agencies provide a modern digital experience?

Here’s what one resident had to say about paying their property taxes this year: “Paying property tax was stupid easy! I set aside a whole 30 mins to pay property taxes this year, but it only took like 3 minutes. Just went to [the online portal] and it pulled up my info then I just clicked pay, and then it just worked.”

Design choices such as one-click services and quick-action navigation make the PayIt interface simple and intuitive for people to use. And features like GovWallet™ help create a sense of convenience.

Simple to pay — this time and every time

Paying online, immediate email receipts, transaction history, and timely reminders are much easier than driving to several buildings or visiting multiple websites simply to pay their bills.

PayIt’s interface is simple to use. One of our larger county clients, for example, reported that 98% of users completed an online payment without any need for assistance. Similarly, another county client said that 99% of users completed payments without assistance from customer care.

When your digital services are that quick and simple for people to use, adoption comes naturally.

Shift to digital is often for the long haul

A straightforward, secure digital payment is much easier for people than taking time off to pay their property taxes in person. So if you give residents a good experience with government tech, they’ll usually continue to use your digital services. And that built-in adoption is as valuable for agencies as it is for residents.

Impacts of more people paying online

Modern digital technology is, of course, beneficial for residents, but it also eases agency stress. Here’s what our clients have reported:

Fewer overtime hours for agency staff

More online payments mean less paper mail to sort through, easier account reconciliation, and fewer folks waiting in line to pay. A PayIt client saw a 30% increase in online payments in 2022 and reported a 33% decrease in walk-ins. With fewer in-person demands, agency staff isn’t having to clock as many overtime hours.

Similarly, another county client said that 97% of users completed an online payment without assistance from customer care during tax season. That’s time that can be spent on other high-priority tasks.

More revenue, collected quicker

Faster time to revenue gives agencies a jump-start on funding programs and maintenance for their residents. Modern GovTech helps make that possible. We’ve just heard that a county client set a record opening day with $5.8 million in tax collections coming in. ????

Happy residents pay on time

Digitizing property tax has been a boon for PayIt clients and the residents they serve. Our clients are reporting fewer late payments: One county reported that 83% of eBilling users paid on time. Along with bringing in needed revenue quickly, that’s fewer mailed reminders for staff to manage.

Providing a great user experience is a win-win for residents and agencies. Explore a couple of property tax success stories:

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Get in touch to discuss implementing a digital property tax experience your residents will love.

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