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Digital transformation is everywhere. From e-government to Industry 4.0 initiatives, digital acceleration has become pivotal to deliver better services, streamline costs and improve working conditions.

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Why it’s time to boost your tech skills and lead digital transformation in government and the public sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has created momentum for government modernization. The latest digital acceleration study from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) confirms the higher adoption of automation and emerging technologies such as chatbots and intelligent workflows for government.

State and local agencies are digitizing public services and payments, moving to the cloud and bridging department silos as they strive to meet demands for:

  • Contactless service delivery
  • Cost control
  • Dispersed workforces

The peak of the pandemic might be over, but the path to digital maturity still has a long way to go. Per Gartner, “80% of government organizations are still at the initial or developing digital maturity stages.”

With PayIt, state and local agencies of all sizes can accelerate their initiatives of digital government transformation. PayIt digitally consolidates hundreds of services and payments — such as utility bills, vehicle registration, court fees and property taxes — into one citizen experience platform. Our solution also enables data sharing among departments, leveraging government workflow automation to speed up processes and service delivery.

The PayIt platform enables citizens to renew vehicle registration and make DMV payments online.

Creating a culture that fosters government modernization

Digital transformation in the public sector is more than offering digital government services and payments. It’s also about transforming processes and operations. Transformational change requires a change in culture, too. 

Advancing a digital agenda depends on not only tech-savvy skills but also on the right mindset. For 90% of government leaders surveyed by Deloitte, workforce skills represent obstacles to digital transformation. 

There is, therefore, a need to develop competencies that drive digital dexterity, or the ability and willingness to use digital technology to better meet business goals. As Gartner indicates, “Employees with high levels of digital dexterity are 3.3 times more likely to launch and complete digital initiatives quickly and to deliver value from them.” 

Benefits of government leadership training 

Continuous learning is critical to building a culture of innovation and making agencies future-ready. Training and upskilling can help government leaders and staff to: 

Keep up with the pace of change

Per Deloitte, 75% of government leaders expect their organizations to digitally transform even more over the next five years. A culture of lifelong learning and growth can better prepare you to respond to those changes. 

Advance career development 

With the job market getting tougher, upskilling can help you stay ahead of the curve and open to new opportunities. According to PwC, employees are willing to spend 12 hours per month on training to upgrade their digital skills. 

Drive innovation

Lack of understanding and strategy can hinder an organization’s ability to transform its processes and services. Learning more about digital innovation can empower leaders in making a case for those projects. 

Programs focused on digital transformation explore topics such as:

  • Why digital transformation has become pivotal to both the public and private sectors
  • What it takes to transform operations and reshape business models and strategies
  • How organizations are undergoing digital business transformation
  • How to identify opportunities and overcome challenges 

Digital transformation courses for government leaders

Renowned U.S. universities have executive programs focused on helping leaders develop and fine-tune their digital innovation strategies. 

If upskilling is one of your resolutions for 2022, and you—or your organization—can invest in paid courses, here are some options:

1. Harvard Business School: Leading in the Digital Era

Harvard Business School is currently accepting applications for this in-person program that covers topics such as the impact of technology on stakeholders’ expectations and how to foster a culture of innovation. The application deadline is April 11, 2022. 

2. Stanford University: Digital Transformation Program

Stanford Center for Professional Development offers an online program that includes courses such as Foundations for Digital Transformation and Designing for the Modern Workforce. It’s necessary to complete eight courses—at one’s own pace—to earn this certificate. 

3. MIT: Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Offered by MIT Professional Education, this online program starts in May, 2022. The curriculum explores how cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) are disrupting business and how to respond to these technologies. 

4. UC Berkeley: Technology Leadership Program

The University of California (UC) Berkeley Executive Education offers this 6-month online program, starting March 17, 2022. Digital transformation is one of the pillars of the curriculum, which targets professionals in leadership roles.

5. Coursera: Digital Transformation

This course is part of the Leading the Modern Day Business Specialization offered by Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and Boston Consulting Group at Coursera

Coursera also partners with governments in over 25 states to provide access to courses and professional certificates from over 250 universities and organizations.

6. Athabasca University: Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate

PowerED, an entrepreneurial unit within Athabasca University, offers this self-paced online program that teaches how to develop a digital strategy and lead transformational change. 

7. LinkedIn Learning: Digital Transformation

Professionals with a premium LinkedIn account can access LinkedIn Learning, which offers courses focused on career development. Options include the course Digital Transformation, which is part of the Master Digital Transformation Path

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