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Citizen self-service reimagined A configurable, immersive
user experience

PayIt delivers a citizen self-service portal that allows constituents to handle their essential government tasks—taxes, driving documents, licenses, fines and more. Our digital government services and electronic payments platform is integrated into existing government systems of record, whether home-grown or third-party. Available on web, mobile and Apple and Android apps.

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A digital government platform that streamlines public services and electronic payments

PayIt has helped several agencies shift their operations into the cloud and launch an innovative, SaaS platform that digitizes any government use case and their associated payments. This type of system would typically take years to implement, but with PayIt it can be integrated into back-office systems and launched in as little as 90 days.

Delivering digital government services this quickly means faster time to revenue, immediate decreases in manual processes and improved citizen engagement. PayIt’s flexible and scalable business model has allowed government offices across the United States to serve over 80 million citizens.

For citizens, this means paying their property taxes, water and trash bills, business licenses and city parking tickets all with one user interface. A constituent is able to create a single, unique profile to store payment methods, receipts and ID documents, and interact with any level of government within the platform. Residents can schedule automatic payments or payment plans, set up due date reminders and store all of their property and vehicle information for easy repeat transactions.

All your GovTech needs in one convenient citizen services web portal

Our team will work with you to launch your branded web portal and mobile app with the capabilities you need to deliver a superior citizen experience.

PayIt’s configurable technology for government allows agencies to digitize any of the following state and local government services and payments:

Increase operational efficiency and decrease manual processes

With PayIt, government agencies are able to collect vital sources of revenue faster, which means disbursing those monies across the city, county and state faster for essential services.

Automate government workflows and their payments - +

PayIt allows city, county and state governments to bring any service and their payments online — all in an easy-to-use citizen experience. This government management system is made possible by automating nearly any government workflow, all of which adhere to an agency’s unique business rules. This scalable model allows multiple agencies to live within the government platform, meaning a citizen can order a birth certificate from their local HHS agency, a vehicle registration renewal from their local DMV and pay their county property taxes.

The PayIt platform is able to integrate into any existing back-office systems of record—whether home-grown or third party—as well as third-party identity verification systems. This allows agencies to present valuable reference data—such as a parcel number, address, license plate number or parking ticket due date—in easy-to- consume and prominent ways.

PayIt’s constituent management system offers agencies access to an administrative tool filled with the transaction data and business insights that are critical to building a true consumer-grade user experience.

Government workers are able to view:

→ Revenue collection and transaction data

→ Transactions by service (taxes, utilities, etc.) 

→ Payment channel that constituents use (online, IVR, POS, etc.)

→ Devices that citizens are using for online payments (desktop, mobile, Apple app, etc.) 

→ Upcoming payments

→ Enrollment statuses for eBilling and payment plans

A consumer-grade citizen experience

Give your constituents an always-on option for interacting with their government. Enable them to pay their bills online or set up automatic or managed payments to shorten their to-do lists. When customers go paperless, there is a reduction of mail expenses and walk-in visits too.

A friendly chat interface to assist your citizens - +

PayIt takes a more conversational approach to information collection with an easy-to-understand Q&A chat-like format. Through configurable business rules, PayIt ensures that citizens input all of the necessary data required to complete a transaction or interaction, and in a format that will be recognized by the agency’s systems of record.

PayIt’s GovWallet™ is a secure online account that holds a citizen’s preferred payment method and stores copies of their receipts and identity documentssuch as professional licenses, vehicle registrations, marriage certificates and more.  Citizens can also set up automatic payments, payment plans and due date reminders/notifications.

With technology born natively in the AWS GovCloud, we meet all federal and state security and compliance standards. Our PCI Level 1 merchant certification shifts the burden of compliance for your agency to PayIt, protecting your payment transactions from fraud. The PayIt platform also has a configurable authentication system, allowing constituents to securely create an account or sign in with Facebook, Apple ID or Google. 

Streamline revenue collection and disbursement

With payitSt.Louis, the city of St. Louis has become a leader in digital transformation in government. Citizens can quickly and easily pay taxes, utility bills, citations and court fees, which helps to streamline government operations. Having one vendor for all payments enables the St. Louis Collector of Revenue’s Office to collect and disburse more efficiently critical revenue streams that fund their public schools, police department and several other services and agencies.

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With our award-winning government platform, we can help you reimagine your digital services and payments. PayIt has helped dozens of agencies accelerate revenue collection and disbursement, increase employee productivity and improve citizen engagement

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