A configurable, immersive citizen experience

PayIt offers an all-in-one, citizen experience platform for state and local governments. We provide any agency, regardless of size, a fully configurable and custom-branded digital platform that empowers you to meet citizens where they are, whenever they want to do business.

With PayIt, citizens can access essential government services any time from their computer or mobile device—and our native Android and Apple apps make the mobile experience even easier. We help you deliver a seamless citizen self service experience that fits everyone’s busy schedule. Your citizens can start a bill payment or vehicle tag renewal on one device and finish it on another when they’re ready, without having to start over.

PayIt benefits governments, too. With more digital access and real-time payment processing, government agencies can realize time savings, higher revenue collection and faster time-to-revenue.

We’ve already helped city, county and state agencies give more than 80 million citizens an easier way to interact with their government, including easy online payments and convenient digital recordkeeping. We’re ready to do the same for your government agency—at no cost.

All your GovTech services in one convenient platform.

Streamline your citizen self service experience so residents can take care of all their needs in one location. With PayIt’s expertise in configuring technology for government, your state or local organization can bring together branded public services and payments for your:

Real estate and personal property tax payments

Vehicle registration and driver’s license renewals

Turnpike and toll payments and transponder management

Water, trash and other municipal utility payments

License and permits applications and renewals

Vital record orders (birth, marriage and death certificates)

Court fees, fines, tickets and plea submissions

Better experiences for citizens.

Give your citizens an always-on option for making government payments through your customized web portal and mobile app. With a secure PayIt Digital Wallet, they can pay online or set up automatic or managed payments to shorten their to-do lists.

A friendly chatbot to assist your citizens

Your configurable PayIt chatbot can easily guide them through the process. Residents simply find the bill or account they want to take care of, answer a few questions and make their payment. Their receipts are stored in their PayIt Digital Wallet for easy access later.

A centralized profile and wallet for seamless interaction

PayIt’s secure digital document storage gives residents copies of their receipts and documents they’ve purchased or renewed. This includes professional licenses, vehicle registrations, marriage certificates, fishing licenses and more. All of this is available in the citizen’s Digital Wallet for easy access, any time.

Better experiences for government employees.

When you adopt our digital payments service, your employees have a better experience, too. PayIt brings all of the data in your systems of record into one platform, which means your employees can access real-time information.

So, for example, when a citizen pays a fine or a court fee, the system updates immediately to avoid mistakenly charging a late fee or issuing a warrant. That means fewer recordkeeping issues and resident inquiries your team has to resolve.

PayIt also helps your staffers by automatically reconciling those real-time digital payments, which can save the typical government office hours of employee time each week.

Comprehensive service and support.

Integrating back-office systems can be a complex process, and configuring your new portal exactly the way you want it requires expertise. That’s why we provide each of our clients with a dedicated client success team to roll out your government software implementations.

Dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM)

Your CSM will help you bring to life the services you want to digitize and connect into all of the relevant systems of record, while adhering strictly to your agency’s strict business rules. The platform can also be configured to verify identity documents and provide digital ID documents, such as professional licenses and vehicle registrations. This means no more waiting for documents in the mail or making a trip to the local office for citizens.

A full marketing agency at your disposal

When your solution is almost ready for launch, our marketing team will help you get the word out. We serve as your one-stop-shop marketing agency and will let your residents know about their new options and drive adoption across your new digital platform.

24/7 bi-lingual customer support

After you launch your new digital government service center, our support center can answer citizen and employee questions and provide tech support via email, phone and social media. This means less time answering support questions for your office and more time dedicated to important initiatives.

See how PayIt government software can transform your organization.

What will your agency’s digital transformation look like? Let us show you.

With our customizable, award-winning software for governments, you can provide an immersive, branded experience that makes life easier for your organization and your citizens—and you can have it deployed within 90 days at no cost.

Get in touch with our GovTech experts and we’ll tailor a demo that supports your services, meets your residents’ needs and helps your organization work more efficiently.