Buyer’s guide to digital government service delivery

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for assessing technology vendors. Here’s a quick preview.

After working with numerous leaders in local government agencies, we realized that are eager to accelerate modernization of service delivery but unsure how to evaluate potential partners and vendors. So we created a detailed guide to help government agencies define digital engagement and payment software purchase criteria and evaluate vendors.

The buyer’s guide thoroughly explains how to evaluate a vendor to find the right fit for your needs. Main topics include:

  1. How to effectively champion modernization in your agency
    Just one person can spark a fire within your organization, but it’s likely that several decision-makers will have to weigh in on prospective software and tech vendors. Our guide digs into what you would need to get buy-in from key departments, particularly IT and finance.
  2. Key requirements for technology vendors
    There are a few must-haves you should look for when assessing vendors. Along with a focus on usability and accessibility, your agency should prioritize vendors that have composable technology, open APIs, and high data security standards. If your agency needs payment tech, there are even more considerations. (Yup, payment experiences are covered in the full buyer’s guide.)
  3. The role of user experience in driving adoption and channel shift
    Did you know residents place more trust in agencies that offer a better digital experience? Holistic, accessible digital services are good for residents and government agencies alike.
  4. Technical must-haves for a payments solution
    By nature, payment technology has ramped-up security requirements. PCI compliance, tokenization and encryption, and government-grade cloud hosting are just some of the considerations covered in the buyer’s guide.

The Buyer’s Guide for Digital Government Service Delivery is a must-read as your agency continues to modernize service delivery.

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