Ohio DOW deploys PayIt Outdoors modern shooting range module

Graphic image with the state of Ohio on it.

In 2021, the Ohio DNR’s Division of Wildlife (DOW) partnered with PayIt Outdoors to upgrade their current system by creating add-on modules for two state-owned shooting ranges: the Spring Valley Shooting Range and the Delaware (OH) Shooting Range. 

From gathering requirements to going live, implementation took less than three months.

About the solution

The shooting range management system connects to the PayIt Outdoors CRM already implemented at the Ohio DOW. The system includes both software (range management modules) and hardware (scanners). 

Customers can check in and out of the range via a scanner that can be easily connected to any PC or tablet with Bluetooth, USB, or Wi-Fi.  

When customers pull up their Ohio HuntFish Mobile App, range staff can scan their Customer ID QR code. If they already have purchased a shooting range permit, this will check them in automatically.  

The system also allows shooting range personnel to create and customize multiple range-related elements (lane, shooter, etc.), provides a record of the customer’s range history, and creates reports.

Both shooting ranges reduced the use of time-consuming manual processes by switching the check-in process to digital, and employee onboarding has been more straightforward since implementing the system.

Better range management and improved understanding of customers

The addition of the shooting range modules modernizes the range management process and feeds more helpful information into Ohio DOW’s CRM. 

When a customer checks into either of these ranges using the Ohio HuntFish Mobile App, each visit is added to the customer record in the CRM. This level of detailed information about the customer improves the targeting available to marketing, R3, and event promotion programs.

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