Missouri advances the outdoor industry with powerful R3 marketing tool

Graphic image with the shape of the state of Missouri in blue topped with the logo for the Missouri Conservation Department logo.

Sure, younger generations are perpetually online, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in outdoor activities. Using technology, agencies can deliver an informative, engaging experience for hunters and anglers of all ages.  

Take the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), for example; The agency is reinventing how it communicates with the outdoors community by implementing one of the most comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) tools the outdoor industry has ever seen. 

Meet our CRM, a game-changing tool the R3 community needed and deserved. Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3) is a conservation framework focused on acquiring new outdoors enthusiasts, keeping existing ones engaged, and re-engaging those who have become inactive or disengaged.

MDC’s CRM quickly delivered unfettered (and previously unavailable) access to its data, enhancing the agency’s power to communicate with everyone from veteran hunters and anglers to those newly interested in outdoor pursuits. The CRM is fully integrated with the agency’s existing licensing and events database which allows it to create 360-degree customer profiles and take purposeful action — strengthening relationships and boosting revenue. 

Within the first seven days of launch, MDC was able to attribute over $280,000 in license sales directly to the implementation of their CRM. And this isn’t just parallel data. MDC is able to track hard and soft attribution to specific marketing efforts and campaign assets.  

Within the first month of using the CRM, the MDC team realized the power of automated audience segmentation, dynamic content, and a well-designed customer journey. Data shows that the average email open rate was 28.7% and the click-through rate was 4.6%.

Nathan Bess, MDC’s Permit Services & Revenue Manager, said this about the new CRM: “We are excited to broaden our partnership with PaytIt Outdoors even further in being able to maintain relevant and meaningful relationships with those who enjoy Missouri’s outdoor resources. The successful launch of this marketing platform will not only allow us to better understand and engage with those we serve in a way that respects their unique journey both in their outdoor experiences and with our department but also provides us with a streamlined and easy-to-use reporting tool to monitor our successes.”   

The system provides a comprehensive and powerful one-stop shop that can be effectively managed by any R3-minded agency professional. Without a marketing agency. Without a computer science degree. Without having to wait on a busy graphic designer. Without having to manage a handful of different technologies. 

The PayIt Outdoors CRM empowers government agencies with:   

  • Real-time views of outdoor participation, revenue, and marketing ROI that help create increased understanding and customer engagement  
  • Targeted marketing, audience segmentation intelligence, and lifecycle management 
  • Effective, personalized, visually appealing, and easy-to-build email templates, landing pages, and other marketing content
  • Out-of-the-box landing page builders, customer segmentation tools, and an email marketing engine
  • Access to in-depth reporting functionality that doesn’t require a developer to create  easy-to-navigate custom/ad-hoc reporting tools 

While campaigns and customer journeys will continue to evolve through optimization, the MDC now has the tool they need to meet their ambitious goals by developing meaningful, supportive, and profitable customer relationships that not only drive revenue, participation, and trust. 

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