How to share relevant information with your residents (and get them to read it)

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Timely, relevant communication is vital for informing residents about service updates, new digital tools, and important developments in the community. And (as we mentioned in our digital adoption guide) the quality and timing of your communication also play a big role in driving channel shift.  

Active social media profiles, an email newsletter, and a regularly updated blog are all great ways to communicate with residents. Previously, we’ve covered how government agencies can leverage social media. Now, let’s dig into blogs and newsletters:

What can blog posts do for government agencies? 

Beyond educating residents and sharing important news and developments, blog posts help drive engagement and provide a place to find answers to common questions — without having to call customer service. 

Benefits of a thorough agency blog:

  • Convenient access to information for residents who are increasingly using the web as their primary source for information on important news and services 
  • Increased credibility and authority: high-quality content makes residents more likely to trust and use the agency’s digital platform
  • Self-service opportunities from educational blog posts empower residents to answer queries independently  

Although blog posts are usually written copy, you can also embed videos, link to podcasts, and include images or infographics. A dynamic experience is more impactful and valuable for users. (Plus, it increases engagement.)

Newsletters: another piece of the puzzle 

Email is a great way to reach out to residents, but like blogging, a newsletter works best if sent at regular (but not too frequent) intervals. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to include in your agency newsletter: 

  • Provide updates, news, and important dates 
  • Link to blog posts, social media channels, video tutorials, and FAQs
  • Announce volunteer opportunities and community events
  • Spread the word about job openings at the agency 
  • Highlight exceptional residents 

A reminder: Make sure you’re only sending to folks who have opted in to receive email communications. 

Tip: Maintain consistency with written communications

An agency should establish standards for format and language. Standardizing mechanics and style throughout publications will help increase agency recognition and credibility. Key elements to consider include:

  • Structure
  • Digestible language
  • Voice and tone
  • Punctuation

The bottom line for government agencies

Adoption marketing may not be intuitive for most government agencies, but content such as blog posts and email newsletters are a great place to start. Blog posts provide educational, shareable content, and a newsletter gives agencies a way to reliably reach residents. 

To get a better understanding of how content fits into an adoption strategy, download Driving Digital Adoption of Government Services: The Definitive Guide.

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