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The 2024 PayIt Digital Government Adoption Index

State and local governments have been adding digital channels throughout the past decade, but the lackluster customer experience in most online services has constrained end-user adoption — so the promise of digital government has yet to be realized by agencies or the residents they serve.

In fact, 64% of people who paid online cited at least one challenge in the process. There’s a big opportunity for government leaders to continue to improve the end-user experience — and drive the shift to digital.

Find out how to get the full benefits of modern tech: efficiency, cost-savings, more stringent security, etc.

Did you know most government leaders believe that digital platforms will help enhance job satisfaction?

Consumers are expecting more from government agencies like real-time updates and reliability they get in other sectors (e.g., banking or healthcare)

Agencies have to be proactive about community outreach and engagement and face internal challenges head-on