• On-demand Webinar

How to Ensure Adoption of Digital Government Services

State and local governments have made significant progress in digital transformation, but more focus is needed on a critical and often overlooked element: how to get residents to use a digital solution once it is implemented.

Experts say maximizing adoption of digital services is a multi-step journey that involves developing products with user-centered design, actively engaging residents, and communicating the benefits of new technologies with smartly designed marketing campaigns that emphasize the user experience.

“If you build it” is no guarantee that residents will use your new app or online portal. Join us to discuss potential pitfalls to adoption of digital services, best practices for overcoming them, and real-world success stories – for both residents and governments.

Webinar attendees will learn:

Strategies for user-centered digital product development.

Techniques for engaging residents effectively.

Successful marketing approaches for promoting digital services.