Proven email templates that engage customers 

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Getting your customers’ attention is becoming harder and harder in today’s content-rich world. Not only are you fighting for their time, but you are also hoping to get them to act — whether purchasing a license, explaining a pain point, or providing insight into their interest in the outdoors. 

By using industry-leading content and best practices, we’re able to increase click-through rates (CTRs) for our state agency clients that, in turn, help them to accomplish their goals and better serve their customers. 

Let’s review three of our highest-performing email templates. Each of these templates has resulted in high CTRs (meaning they’re engaging for your audience and valuable for you). We’ll discuss why each template is so successful — and provide ideas that help you make the most of every email touch point.  

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1. Gamification 

This email template is one of our favorites because it’s a fun way to provide customers with helpful information or lead them to the state licensing page. Game design elements (like point scoring, challenges, and rewards) are pulled in to create both an opportunity for hunters to receive vital information and an opportunity to be heard — all with a little sense of competition.  

When a hunter chooses an action by clicking “shoot” or “pass,” we create a choice for that hunter to purchase a license or permit. But we also see what motivates our hunters, so in the future, we can create more targeted, relevant content — building a better relationship with customers and making sure the email is something they look forward to reading 

2. Pain point survey

This email template is helpful for finding out why a customer has not purchased a permit or taken the next step in their customer journey. Like the first template example (gamification), the pain point survey allows customers to be heard and provides valuable feedback to the state agency on what might be preventing people from hunting or fishing. 

The real beauty of this survey is that you can use the feedback from the customer to drive them to a helpful landing page, or you can reference that pain point in later touchpoints. This helps to serve personalized solutions to your customers that will help them overcome any obstacle they may be facing.  

3. Motivation survey  

This email template is focused on learning the motivations of a Hunter Ed graduate. Find out what motivated them to take the class, so you can serve them more helpful information in the future or lead them to a page with more resources. 

This is a low-barrier introduction that helps boost response through engaging content. And it helps agencies identify which persona the audience member belongs to, making it easier to send appropriate content to each contact.

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