Just released: PayIt’s State of Government Digital Service Delivery Survey & 2023 Outlook

Curious about where agencies and consumers stand on government tech?  

Digital transformation is continuously reported as important or necessary by both agency staff and residents alike, but what does that mean exactly? In order to understand the state of government digital services, we conducted a large survey late last year.

We examined a few key questions as governments and residents seek to improve digital interactions:

  • What do government agencies think about digital transformation? What do consumers want?
  • What drives the shift to online, and how can agencies unlock adoption?
  • What trends should be considered as government agencies invest in digital service delivery?

The study focused on U.S. state and local agencies and concentrated on digital payments. The study surveyed 1335 respondents in total: 130 government staff members and 1205 residents. We uncovered rich data about what government agencies think about their digital service delivery solutions and how resident expectations align (or don’t) with their online offerings. 

In short: Both government agencies and residents reported wanting similar improvements (like more payment options and a secure profile).

  • Government agencies aren’t completely happy with their technology but ambitions remain high, and many agencies already have some type of modernization plan in place.
  • Residents are generally pleased when they’re able to complete payments online, but they’d still love to see improvements like payment installment options and peer-to-peer payments.  

Want more data? The Government Digital Service Delivery Survey and 2023 Outlook is packed with insights such as agency vs. resident perceptions, the modernization goals of government agencies, specifics about online payment evolution, and reaching adoption goals. 

Read the full Survey and 2023 Outlook

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