Modern Customer Experience and Payments Platform for Government

Simplify the way you serve your community

Build the ideal customer experience for any type of digital transaction between your government agency and residents. So you can deliver better service, more efficiently. And collect more revenue, faster.

A PayIt user interface rendered for desktop and mobile devices.

For any department. For any transaction.

Local, state, and provincial governments use PayIt for a range of services including:

Motor Vehicles
Property Tax
Tickets & Fines

Remove the friction from government services

Cities, towns, counties, states, and provinces use PayIt to collect revenue, work more efficiently, and deliver a better customer experience. 

3 five-star review cards say that the system is so user friendly, that it is fast and easy to navigate, and that it was easy and preferred over paying at a bank. The image states that satisfied customers are 9 times more likely to agree that the agency is achieving its mission.

Serving 100+ million residents in North America

Get residents to go digital

Your office works more efficiently when customers serve themselves.

But they’ll only switch to digital transactions if the experience is intuitive and trustworthy.

Now you can deliver the ideal customer experience for any transaction. So your residents go digital, once and for all.

Save up to $6 per transaction

You can reduce or eliminate costs associated with:

Payment processing

PCI compliance & fines

Office visits

Support calls

Software maintenance

Paper & postage

75% of our water, refuse, parking tickets and property tax transactions are now happening online. My team has shifted from processing high volumes of transactions to supporting more complex customer needs and strategic projects.

John Globensky
City of Grand Rapids, MI
Smarter for government: Our agency experience

Every transaction. All in one place. Meet the admin experience your team will love.

Get real-time transaction visibility and see:

Which residents need payment reminders and when

What percent of residents
are using PayIt

How online payments are trending year over year

One central place for you to…

Manage transactions, issue refunds and give your staff the real-time visibility they need to provide excellent support.

A list of PayIt Admin tool features, including refunds, delinquencies, payment status, transaction details, cash flows, channel mix, and reports and insights.
A user screen demonstrating documents that can be accessed with PayIt, including property tax receipts.
Easier for everyone: Our resident experience

One central place for your residents, too

Give residents one place to view action items, transaction history, available services, and more — all inside a single profile and account.

Get started in as little as 90 days

Fast onboarding and a broad range of integrations make PayIt an easy choice for most government offices. Get a demo to find out if PayIt is right for your community.

No hidden costs or implementation fees

Integrations done for you

Designed for resident adoption

PCI Level 1 & SOC 2 Type 2 certified platform

8 straight years on the GovTech 100