About Us

PayIt is bringing governments and people closer together through our award-winning, digital platform. PayIt enables residents to easily access essential government services from any device. Our solution is successfully bridging the gap between the expectations of today’s fast-paced society and the government space. Whether it’s paying property taxes, vehicle registration renewals, toll bills, utility services or court citations, interacting with government has never been easier.

This innovative approach to government interaction has won PayIt and our government clients numerous awards — including being named to the GovTech 100 four years in a row, several Government Experience Awards on local, city and state levels and multiple StateScoop awards.

  • Our mission:

Our mission is clear — we offer a secure, digital platform that transforms how residents connect with their governments. We aim to reduce friction and create a streamlined resident experience for government interaction.

  • Our culture:

We are a group of forward-thinking, innovators that all share the same mission to transform the digital government space and improve the lives of everyday people.

At the end of the day, we’re people who love what we do. We embrace being on the cutting-edge of tech and digitizing the government landscape. PayIt has seen rapid growth and expansion, but still has the same mindset — we take our work very seriously, but not ourselves!

  • Our solution:

We deliver an innovative solution that helps our clients consolidate multiple government services into one connected experience. All of this comes at absolutely no cost to government agencies and, in most instances, the ability to launch within 90 days.

“Modern and convenient”

Torre Jessup, NC DMV Commissioner

"Easy to use! Great app."

payitSt.Louis user

“Incredibly simple”

Amir Softic, St. Louis Revenue Collector's Office

"Paid in seconds!"

myNCDMV user

“PayIt made us the first state with a mobile app for drivers license renewal.”

Lee Allen, Former Kansas CIO

"Should always be this easy."

iKan user

“Drastically improved our service to the community”

John Globensky, Grand Rapids City Treasurer

"Great app. It’s 100% easy to use" 

myBeaufortCounty user

“This is my government - I am not a number.”

grpayit user

"Been bragging about how easy this was"

payitSt.Louis user