Courts & Сitations

It’s no secret that dealing with the court systems is often dreaded by citizens. Residents will no longer need to take a trip to the courthouse, sit on hold or use legacy, online payment sites to pay tickets, citations and fines. Our award-winning platform offers governments the ability to modernize and digitize how residents interact with the court systems. Constituents can make and schedule payments, submit pleas and plea fine payments and many more court-related services.

All of this comes with no cost to government agencies, can be integrated into any existing system and often launched within 90 days. This begins with a thorough assessment of the current infrastructure by our Client Services and Integration teams to determine the best method for launch.

Courts & Citations

Ability to launch
within 90 days

Born natively in the
AWS GovCloud

No cost to government

NASPO Value Point

  • Government features:
  • Customized data integration
    • Compatibility with REST and SOAP APIs
    • Flat-file digestion
    • Direct database connections
  • Real-time updates from the platform to the data source
  • Configurable business rules for handling specific use-cases for each supported client
  • Various payment options available
    • ACH
    • Debit and credit card
  • Easy-to-use government administration tool
    • Search for transaction details
    • Ease the reconciliation process
    • Run reports and view real-time analytics
  • User features:
  • Search for tickets and case statuses
  • Pay tickets, court fees and plea fines
  • Schedule fine payments
  • Submit pleas
  • Set-up alerts and manage your account
  • Create a digital wallet to store case info, payment info and receipts
  • One, end-to-end user experience
  • Avoid in-office visits and mailing out bills
  • Marketing

The primary goal of our marketing team is to collaborate closely with our government clients to ensure that their residents quickly adopt the newly deployed solution. Our team will help with the creative process, strategy and education around best practices for social media messaging, website and email optimization, displaying in-office assets and much more.

  • Support

We have an in-house, U.S.-based support team that handles all phone and email inquiries on behalf of our clients. Our responsive, problem-solving team addresses any concerns residents may have. We offer our clients a four-hour response time SLA to all inquiries during business hours.

I have always been drawn to customer support roles. I think my ability to problem solve really helps customers when they are in need. It is truly rewarding to hear how thankful people are when we can help them get in the right direction.

Zach Klein
Support Analyst

“Modern and convenient”

Torre Jessup, NC DMV Commissioner

"Easy to use! Great app."

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“Incredibly simple”

Amir Softic, St. Louis Revenue Collector's Office

"Paid in seconds!"

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“PayIt made us the first state with a mobile app for drivers license renewal.”

Lee Allen, Former Kansas CIO

"Should always be this easy."

iKan user

“Drastically improved our service to the community”

John Globensky, Grand Rapids City Treasurer

"Great app. It’s 100% easy to use" 

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“This is my government - I am not a number.”

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"Been bragging about how easy this was"

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