We know the digital wallet is secure and simple to use, but it is also smart. Driver’s license is up for renewal? There’s a reminder for that. Time to pay quarterly property taxes? Well, there’s a reminder for that too. Or, avoid reminders all together, and set-up auto renewals and auto payments and let the digital wallet do all of the heavy lifting.

As residents use PayIt, they will be guided to the government service they’re looking for. For users that have stored information in the digital wallet, it will fill in all of the necessary personal and payment gaps along the way. If you use PayIt to renew your vehicle registration, your wallet is smart enough to apply that same information when you need to pay your property taxes. Also, if new services are added, your stored information can be used for those too.


More and more states are beginning to accept digital versions of identification and vehicle documentation. Our users are able to store their valid, digital versions of driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and other identification documents right in their digital wallet. It truly is an all-in-one, intelligent solution for interacting with government services.

Our digital wallet is creating one seamless government experience for residents, built on three key pillars.

“Modern and convenient”

Torre Jessup, NC DMV Commissioner

"Easy to use! Great app."

payitSt.Louis user

“Incredibly simple”

Amir Softic, St. Louis Revenue Collector's Office

"Paid in seconds!"

myNCDMV user

“PayIt made us the first state with a mobile app for drivers license renewal.”

Lee Allen, Former Kansas CIO

"Should always be this easy."

iKan user

“Drastically improved our service to the community”

John Globensky, Grand Rapids City Treasurer

"Great app. It’s 100% easy to use" 

myBeaufortCounty user

“This is my government - I am not a number.”

grpayit user

"Been bragging about how easy this was"

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