Virtual Event

2024 Digital Government Excellence Symposium

September 25th – October 30th

Get ready for PayIt’s award-winning Digital Government Excellence Symposium, a series of six engaging virtual sessions tailored for state and local government agency leaders.

This annual event brings together government technology experts to discuss major trends from 2024 and provide insights into what’s next. We tackle the big challenges and showcase practical solutions that can help your agency improve its digital services and interactions.

This symposium is an excellent opportunity for government professionals to gain valuable knowledge, connect with peers, and take steps toward more effective digital governance.

This year’s Symposium will explore (exact session titles are subject to change):

Revolutionizing Digital Government: Building Trust, Adoption, and Future-Ready Services

State and Local Technology Leader’s Assessment: Progress Towards Next Wave of Digital Government Experience

Government at Warp Speed: Techniques to accelerate public service delivery, easing the burden on residents and businesses, featuring insights from Deloitte

New Era of Digital Government Technology Procurement: Practical advice on procuring, building, and managing government technology efficiently

Future-Proof Government Finance: Best Practices for Paperless Payments in County Revenue Collection

Boosting Resident Adoption: Tailoring digital services for courts, utilities, and property tax collection

Resident Identity Governance: Best Practices in Access Management While Driving Compliance

Experts from state and local governments, alongside prominent figures from MeriTalk, Deloitte, and other leading organizations, will share actionable strategies, real-world experiences, and the latest data to help you implement effective digital solutions immediately.

Why attend?

Expert Knowledge: Dive deep into the successes and innovations driving today’s digital government landscape

Actionable Insights: Leave with practical strategies and tools to enhance service delivery and operational efficiency

Award-Winning Content: Participate in an event recognized as a finalist for the 2023 Ragan PR Daily Content Marketing Awards

The PayIt Digital Government Excellence Symposium is a must-attend for any agency committed to achieving digital excellence. 

Registration for the 2024 event opens in August.

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