Payment Channels

We understand that governments must meet their residents where they are. This is why PayIt offers ​multiple payment channels​ to agencies.

Whether a resident is looking to pay in-office, over the phone or online — we have a payment channel that suits their needs.

Providing options increases speed to revenue for governments, while also providing constituents with the experience they’re most comfortable with.

I’m surrounded by passionate people at PayIt, and it’s a daily reminder of our mission to simplify interactions for constituents and our government clients.

Chris Pearson
Product Designer

“Modern and convenient”

Torre Jessup, NC DMV Commissioner

"Easy to use! Great app."

payitSt.Louis user

“Incredibly simple”

Amir Softic, St. Louis Revenue Collector's Office

"Paid in seconds!"

myNCDMV user

“PayIt made us the first state with a mobile app for drivers license renewal.”

Lee Allen, Former Kansas CIO

"Should always be this easy."

iKan user

“Drastically improved our service to the community”

John Globensky, Grand Rapids City Treasurer

"Great app. It’s 100% easy to use" 

myBeaufortCounty user

“This is my government - I am not a number.”

grpayit user

"Been bragging about how easy this was"

payitSt.Louis user