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Everyone wants quick and secure payment solutions, whether they’re paying their water bill or renewing a business permit.

City and state government offices haven’t always had the resources to consistently meet their citizens evolving needs. Although many people prefer an online experience for paying their bills, many would rather pick up their phones and call in. PayIt Voice allows government agencies to meet their citizens where they are with a tried-and-true payment

Adding an easy-to-use, secure IVR phone system makes paying bills and renewing licenses more convenient and accessible — while freeing your staff from taking payments and payment-related questions live over the phone.

PayIt IVR system

Why PayIt Voice? Speed, security and more benefits of PayIt’s IVR system.

Paying bills, licenses and fees in person means taking a day off from work, paying by mail means paying for checks and stamps and paying online may not be an option for

Adding an automated phone system that allows residents to pay their bills with a few short phone prompts expands your ability to collect payments and gives your
constituents even more contactless payment options.

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Advantages of the PayIt Voice IVR system for your agency and

benefits of voice payments

Agency benefits from implementing PayIt Voice:

  • Budget-friendly: There’s no cost to launch for government agencies
  • Quick to implement: You can launch in 90 days
  • Efficient: Reduce call center staff time spent on basic phone transactions and repetitive account balance questions. You can save money and time with PayIt Voice.
benefits for PayIt Express users

Constituent benefits from using PayIt Voice:

  • Convenient: Citizens can pay via ACH, debit card or credit card 24/7 through your automated phone system
  • Easier: Constituents can check their account balances, make payments and get confirmation with a quick call from
    wherever they are
  • Inclusive: Residents with vision impairment can use PayIt Voice with ease, as well as citizens who lack transportation to a local office or internet access for government payment services.
secure IVR payment

PayIt Voice’s secure IVR payment system safeguards your constituents’ information.

We know data security is a major concern for government agencies, because independent and state sponsored cybercriminals are always looking for ways to hack your data.

That’s why PayIt and our IVR system software were built with strong data protection features:

  • PayIt was developed in AWS GovCloud and meets the strict security requirements for government agencies
  • PayIt Voice authenticates constituents by account and phone numbers from your systems of record to prevent unauthorized access
  • PayIt Voice verifies each payer’s ZIP code and card CVV to authenticate their payment method and prevent fraud

See PayIt Voice at work.

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