PayIt is pleased to announce we have entered into an agreement to acquire S3.

Government software
implementation done right

Agile-led deployment within 90 days
The knowledge and experience to modernize your data systems
Post-integration updates, upgrades and support

Agile and rapid GovTech deployment

The most effective digital transformation solutions are responsive and scalable, so that’s what we deliver. Our GovTech implementation team works with your stakeholders to integrate your current systems, get your data out of silos and structure the platform to follow your business rules and improve your citizens’ daily interactions with government agencies. Using a GovTech agile methodology, we deliver a platform that’s ready to go live in 90 days or less in most cases, so you can modernize and move on.

Experience and expertise with government back-office system integration

Driving digital transformation is a challenge for most organizations. Compliance and security requirements, fragmented back-office data and legacy systems make it especially daunting for public-sector organizations. PayIt has helped local and state governments harness the power of SaaS and deploy our award-winning digital platform all across the country. Our clients now serve more than 80 million constituents with one-stop access to government services that save everyone time and money.

Continuous innovation and support for your business operations

Of course, the digital transformation process is ongoing, because new technologies are always emerging and new expectations for citizen service are, too. PayIt helps you stay modern in the digital age with continuous updates, security upgrades and new features as our R&D team releases them. We provide all of this at no cost to our government clients, without requiring manual updates or patches on your end. This allows your organization to save money and time while continuously optimizing your business processes.

Other ways support our clients’ business operations


Our dedicated marketing team, for example, works with your in-house team to get the word out about your new digital government payments platform. We can help with message development and campaigns in a number of channels, including email, social media, digital advertising, direct mail, inoffice notices and outreach to the press. This support helps our clients see ROI on their new platform faster.


When your residents start using the platform, they may have questions. Our customer experience team is ready to answer inquiries from your residents and employees about the platform, and to provide technical support as needed. Our bilingual support team answers questions on the phone, by email and on social media. We pride ourselves on excellent care and we resolve 92% of inquiries on first contact. That saves time for your residents and your employees.

Accelerate your government digital transformation

At PayIt, we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we get from our public sector clients and their constituents. We also take pride in how effectively we run government project deployments to help agencies transform from fragmented data siloed in legacy systems to a unified, secure data platform that improves your resident and employee experience.

We also know how important modern technology is for proper information governance and operational efficiency — two major concerns for our clients’ project managers and Chief Information Governance Officers.

To see how PayIt can transform your government agency fast and at no cost, request a customized demo now.