Part of consolidating multiple government services, data schemas and business rules into one, connected user experience is flexibility. The PayIt platform is uniquely flexible and highly configurable.

This flexibility allows us to work closely with government offices on creating an accurate workflow. Each agency has specific questions that must be asked, answers that must be obtained and business rules to follow. Our solution can be configured to meet all of these requirements.

We will digitize the necessary forms, along with configuring the chat interactions and navigation processes to ensure an easy-to-use experience for residents. Our solution speaks to all of the various systems, whether it be emissions, vehicles, driver’s licenses, insurance companies or even financial systems. This means residents only need to interact with the PayIt app or website, and then we handle the rest.

At PayIt, I have the privilege of working with a diverse cast of great people who share a common passion for turning a vision into reality. Our teams also share a fundamental engineering mindset: a deep curiosity for how systems behave and the history by which they evolved. I’m passionate about empowering other engineers and teams to think strategically, plan deliberately and execute with inspiration.

Scott Emery
Director of Engineering

“Modern and convenient”

Torre Jessup, NC DMV Commissioner

"Easy to use! Great app."

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“Incredibly simple”

Amir Softic, St. Louis Revenue Collector's Office

"Paid in seconds!"

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“PayIt made us the first state with a mobile app for drivers license renewal.”

Lee Allen, Former Kansas CIO

"Should always be this easy."

iKan user

“Drastically improved our service to the community”

John Globensky, Grand Rapids City Treasurer

"Great app. It’s 100% easy to use" 

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“This is my government - I am not a number.”

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"Been bragging about how easy this was"

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