Seven years and counting: PayIt named to the GovTech 100 again in 2023


Who is PayIt LLC? - +

PayIt is bringing governments and people closer together through our award-winning, digital platform. We deliver an innovative solution that enables residents to access essential government services from any device. Whether it’s paying property taxes, vehicle registration renewals, utility services or court citations, interacting with government has never been easier.

If you recently saw a transaction on your bank statement from PayIt LLC, it is likely that you recently made a payment for a city, county or state government service, such as (but not limited to):

  • Property taxes
  • Water, trash or other utility services
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Driver’s license renewal
  • Court services — citations, traffic tickets, etc.
  • Turnpike and tolling services
  • Vital records order — birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

You may see a debit on your credit card or bank account labeled PayIt LLC. Additionally, you will receive an email receipt documenting the transaction.
If you have further questions, we’d be more than happy to help. Please contact us via email at,
or call 800.268.9153.

By signing up and creating a profile, PayIt is able to pre-populate form fields and expedite the payment process on your next visit.

All sign-on methods are equally secure. Options are provided for your convenience.

You can create an account with either the email, Facebook or Google sign-in option. The email option requires that you enter your email address and a password that’s at least 8 characters long.

After your payment is complete, you’ll receive an email confirmation receipt. Additionally, a receipt will be stored in the Receipts section of your digital wallet. Click the profile icon located in the top right-hand corner of your account and select the Receipts tab to view all of your receipts for payments made through the app.

If you need a new copy of your receipt, please email

If you have questions, concerns or feedback to share, please get in touch! Send an email to or call us at 800-268-9153.

Please email your current username and include the new email address you want to use on your account. We’ll first verify ownership of your account, then send you a confirmation email after your username has been changed.

If you need to update the payment method stored in your digital wallet, please login to your account and click the round profile icon in the top right corner of the page. Then scroll down to Payment Methods and add your new billing information. You can also delete the old payment method in this section of your profile.

Through our partnerships with state and local governments, PayIt helps governments implement their digital transformation agenda by modernizing agencies’ processes to deliver operational efficiency and a seamless, unified citizen experience.

Digital transformation in local government is the reimagining of processes through the use of next-generation technology to consolidate and streamline operations. This results in improved performance for agencies and more time for employees to work on other essential projects while also passing on value to citizens as new digital processes allow them to interact with local governments through any mobile or online device.

PayIt empowers agencies of any size to consolidate hundreds of services and payments into a single connected experience for citizens. Through PayIt’s platform, digital transformation in the government becomes simple and centralized within a 90-day launch period.

Among the top challenges to government digital transformation, leaders seeking innovation tend to encounter obstacles related to:

  1. Getting leadership buy-in for new software and technology
  2. Finding and implementing a robust but easy-to-use GovTech platform
  3. Ensuring data security and compliance
  4. Creating and leveraging a unified digital database
  5. Configuring a platform to best fit an agency’s needs

Learn more about solutions to and opportunities created by the challenges facing government digital transformation in our Newsroom.

PayIt solves numerous digitization challenges for governments of all sizes. Our products include solutions for digitizing services and payments related to property taxes, vehicles, utilities, tolling, licensing, courts and more.

Citizen development is fundamental to digital transformation because it allows professional developers to focus on high-level needs while “citizen developers”—trained individuals already employed within an organization—use intuitive low-code development to assist with smaller aspects of projects. PayIt’s software development kit for governments provides citizen developers with the necessary tools to start building secure platforms for citizen payments.

PayIt’s platform does include a citizen request management tool in its comprehensive suite of government services software.

PayIt’s citizen request app lets your community’s residents submit requests and inquiries via the same digital platform they use to pay for government services, providing a familiar interface for all their needs.

A citizen self-service portal is a system that allows residents to make digital payments for government services from their data-enabled web and mobile devices. As part of a government payments platform, these portals allow agencies to work more efficiently and provide improved user experiences while reducing in-person transactions.

311 city services can be bundled into PayIt’s platform, allowing citizens to make in-app or online 311 requests in the same way that they make digital payments.

Governments can prevent poor service delivery by increasing citizen participation and offering flexible and agile responses to best serve their constituents’ needs. Today that means deploying modern digital solutions that empower citizens to make payments anytime, anywhere.

PayIt enhances citizen engagement in local government by simplifying business between local government agencies and residents. When residents can find and pay for services in one connected digital experience, delinquent payments decrease as citizens utilize the PayIt experience at a high rate.

E-payments are electronic payments made on web and mobile devices using a debit or credit card rather than conducting in-person transactions or sending payments through the mail. Citizens have quickly adopted e-payment usage for retail transactions and PayIt helps governments create a similar experience that emphasizes efficiency and ease of use.

Tokenization in payments refers to replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive data during the payment process. Non-sensitive tokens are composed of a unique string of numbers, which ensure data security and protection.

Automated workflows are already improving public sector efficiency in municipalities across the country by increasing productivity and cost savings.  Specific benefits of automated workflows include:

  1. Removal of deficient legacy solutions
  2. Reduced manual effort for document processing and payment reconciliation
  3. Fewer in-office transactions thanks to an improved digital citizen experience
  4. Reduced mail expense as citizens go paperless and receive online notifications of bills and late notices

One of the benefits of digital government is that it gives agencies the ability to interact with citizens in a way that their residents are most comfortable with. Giving citizens the opportunity to interact with agencies through online and mobile devices makes communication faster and more effective, improving clarity are billing due dates and decreasing delinquency in the process.

Digitization improves local government communications strategy by allowing agencies to more accurately segment audiences and tailor messaging to the citizens they are trying to reach. Digitization also creates a datastream that allows for improved tracking and analysis of communications, giving agencies measurable figures that they can align with their communications objectives.

E-government services are digitized services and government-citizen interactions. Also known as digital government services, e-government services can include processes related to vehicles, courts, property taxes, utilities and more.

PayIt’s digital wallet is a secure, online account where citizens can save their preferred payment methods to make payments for public sector services.

PayIt’s digital wallet works allowing residents to use PayIt as their all-in-one platform for government services. Unifying services into a single digital platform gives citizens all the tools they need to make real-time transactions without making office visits, which allows your staff to focus on critical projects and decreases delinquency so your agency can access revenue sooner.

Digital wallets improve public sector delivery by allowing citizens to save their preferred payment methods to a user portal customized for your agency, simplifying the revenue collection process by allowing citizens to set up reliable automatic payments.

Workflow automation improves operational efficiency for government agencies and improves the citizen experience by eliminating repetitive tasks such as handwriting forms and manually duplicating documents for both employees and residents.

The best indicator of a successful workflow automation in public services is realized ROI. Agencies deploying PayIt report a 322% ROI over a three-year period as government services are streamlined and simplified. Calculate the ROI your agency can earn using PayIt by taking a quick 10-minute assessment.

PayIt’s SDK is a software development kit containing tools and technology that developers need to connect to a particular platform or app. Our API endpoints securely transfer data from your website and mobile apps to our payment processing application, enabling you to create carts for users, check cart and transaction histories, issue refunds and check your server status using client-side Javascript and RESTful API architecture.

Along with our SDK, we also provide API documentation, standard financial and reconciliation reporting, and implementation support.

E-billing is a method of paperless billing in which bills are sent online and citizens can make payments electronically at any time and from any location — no more waiting for your office to open or hunting around for a postage stamp.

PayIt’s electronic billing services also allow citizens to store payment methods in a digital wallet, set up automatic payments and due date reminders, check account balances, view receipts as well as permit and license statuses, renewal dates and more online.

Transforming public service delivery is easy with the right tools. Utilizing a consolidated platform that houses numerous services and payments into one connected experience for citizens is essential to modernizing public services and taking the next step forward with digital technology.

PayIt 311 solutions allow citizens to find information about local services and report issues easily using the same PayIt platform they are already familiar with using for payments and other government services transactions.

PayIt enables government-to-citizen communication by consolidating 311 services into a platform with other government services, giving citizens a convenient one-stop-shop for government inquiries and transactions.

PayIt’s 311 platform is contact management software for government that enhances public service delivery by allowing residents to make inquiries and report issues such as street maintenance, code violations and more through a digital portal that includes multiple government services. This utilization of technology removes obstacles to digital transformation for governments while simplifying citizen management through the use of citizen request software.

Permitting software is technology that allows organizations to digitally issue, renew and manage permits such as business licenses and hunting and fishing permits. PayIt’s digital government platform includes automated permitting system that improves service efficiency and ensures your organization maintains compliance with government regulations and codes. The citizen self-service feature allows residents to apply for and renew licenses anywhere, anytime—improving service delivery in government while decreasing processing time, billing costs and recordkeeping in just 90 days at no cost to your department.