Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy

Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
Advantage Capital Partners

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Scott Murphy’s professional history blends public service, entrepreneurship and finance, making him an ideal member of the PayIt board of directors.

Murphy rejoined Advantage Capital Partners in 2012 as a managing director and the chief investment officer after serving in the United States Congress, representing New York from 2009-2011. Murphy previously worked at the firm from 2001-2009, overseeing the $88 million New York portfolio.

Murphy is an experienced venture capitalist and highly successful entrepreneur with a robust background in public service. Prior to his tenure at Advantage Capital, Murphy co-founded three high-tech companies, including a game company that brought fantasy football and baseball to the internet. He also founded an online auction company that was sold to eBay and a website building company that was sold to iXL. In addition to his time in congress, Murphy previously served in the administrations of two Missouri governors.

Murphy received his A.B. magna cum laude from Harvard University. A former president of the Upstate Venture Association of New York, Murphy maintains a strong commitment to civic affairs.

An imperative to improve citizen satisfaction

The opportunity for PayIt to simplify and streamline interaction between government and citizen is potentially revolutionary. I’ve had my own experience where it took four separate trips to the DMV to replace my license plate. No one was able to resolve the issue completely because of missing information.

It’s fair to say that there’s a lot of frustration with government, and one thing that can improve that is a solution that removes friction and proves leaders are working to make people’s lives easier.

Serve citizens wherever they are

In my experience, those in the public sector want to do a good job and be accessible to the people, but they are always balancing unique challenges around accessibility and affordability. I love the potential of mobile technology, which can help us break down those barriers.

PayIt is a great solution because it’s budget-neutral to the government, and it’s more efficient to implement than the larger custom solutions. Plus, it’s huge in simplifying physical access for the disabled, home-bound and those in rural areas where access to the DMV or other government offices can be a big challenge.