Kevin Childress brings a background rich in business leadership and strategy to the PayIt board. Prior to his role at MyFreightWorld Technologies, a third party logistics and software company, Childress was CEO of Serra Energy Holdings, LLC, a private energy firm, and Chief Financial Officer of NIC, Inc., a software and services company specializing in government e-commerce. He spearheaded that company’s successful initial public offering and later served as the head of strategy and marketing for the firm.

In addition, he has served on the boards of many private and public companies, as well as philanthropic organizations including Powell Gardens, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City and Urban Gateways of Chicago.

Modernization the right way

I come from an extensive background in government ecommerce, so when I met John and Mike of PayIt and understood their vision for creating valuable government relationships, I quickly knew they were doing it the right way—a more modern way, by using mobile app technology.

For one, there’s the all-mobile dynamic of young people. Beyond that, there’s the worldwide dynamic of people accepting smartphones and mobile apps as a preferred method for all kinds of activity like reading news, viewing entertainment, connecting with friends and buying things. Interacting with the government should be no different.

Simply put, people have a general loathing of in-person government interaction and a love of mobile. The solution is to serve the citizen as easily and efficiently as possible, and I believe PayIt can be the first and best at achieving just that.

Advancing the greater good

I’m excited about removing lines from government office buildings and making it easier for everyone to interact with government on many levels. I see PayIt making that a reality for the next generation and empowering them to do business with their government the same way they do with Apple or Amazon or anyone else.

I’ve been in business for more than 35 years now, and my experience is if you make the world a better place, you get rewarded for it. I think PayIt makes the world a better place—making a necessary part of life better for people. And that’s the most exciting thing about it for me.