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Deirdre Delisi

Deirdre Delisi

Former Chair of Texas Transportation Commission

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The customer service of government

For 20 years, Deirdre Delisi worked within the Texas state government crafting solutions to state government challenges across broad spectrum of issues—first as Chief of Staff to former Governor Rick Perry and later as Chair of the Texas Transportation Commission. In leading the Transportation Commission, Delisi saw firsthand the role of customer service in government.

“We served citizens who were driving our roads every day, including toll system customers,” says Delisi. “It gave me a great appreciation for having systems and processes in place that ordinary citizens and taxpayers could navigate without feeling the frustration of working through bureaucracy.”

Delisi’s transportation team worked closely with people using Texas roads so they understood how to use the toll system, what the tolls were funding and how to access more information. “Government should always strive to figure out better ways to serve the people it represents,” says Delisi.

Technology that works for the people

“Even as chairman, I had a tough time navigating our website. I always felt that if I—someone working on this day in day out—had trouble, I can’t imagine how hard it is for the average person on the street,” says Delisi. “That’s why I think what PayIt’s doing is so important.”

Today, most Americans have a smartphone with them at all times. Though private sector service and goods providers have gone to great lengths to capitalize on this mobile movement, government has been slow to adopt mobile technologies. “I see a lot of potential in government for the technology PayIt provides,” says Delisi. “It should be just as easy to pay taxes, pay tolls, or get a hunting or fishing license, as it is to book a flight on your phone.”

According to Delisi, enhancing government services with this type of mobile technology is a no-brainer from the perspective of the consumer. But it should be just as obvious to government entities because it’s an efficient solution to improving the quality of citizen service.

“I would tell people working in public-facing government entities that their top priority should always be customer relations and customer service,” says Delisi. “From my experience, people who work in government want to do right by taxpayers. But if citizens find it difficult to interact with their government, it leads to higher levels of dissatisfaction. Mobile solutions like PayIt are already embraced by the private sector, so it’s not a risky venture for governments.”

Keys to a successful implementation

Delisi draws from her experience leading similar technology initiatives in the Texas state government and outlines four key factors for governments to consider in implementing a new public-facing solution like PayIt.

  • Take time to really understand your citizens’ needs and wants. This not only ensures you’re building the right solution now but helps you better to anticipate future behaviors and needs.
  • Innovation can be scary. But if we didn’t take risks, government would still be running on fax machines. Leadership requires taking chances that ultimately result in more efficient government for all.
  • Communicate as much and as often as you can with people. Help them understand how the new technology or process is different and what it means.
  • Give people options for mobile and traditional interactions.

Why work with PayIt

PayIt brings Fortune 500 experience to the public sector, providing consumers with a mobile, easy-to-use solution that’s unmatched. “I find it very rewarding to work with PayIt,” says Delisi. “Because it means consumers can finally interact with government in a way they’ve grown used to interacting with private commerce.”

As a strategic advisor for PayIt, Delisi hopes to help state governments open the door to greater possibilities for citizen engagement and satisfaction. And specifically, she wants to bring the value of PayIt to her home state of Texas.

“There is a great economy in Texas and a growing population. Our state government need to keep up with those changes and PayIt’s technology offers the process improvements and efficiencies to help them do that.”